Traditional Myanmar Feast

Written on Friday, December 1, 2017 by

We came across this little restaurant after following a tip from a local fisherman, filled with smiling locals and a few foreigners, I asked the waiter for what was listed as a traditional Myanmar feast. As you can see my cheeky grin says it all! What a feast it was! Every meal in Myanmar was prefixed by a seasoned peanut appetizer. The main dish is then accompanied by a range of smaller dishes and condiments. We had both opted for the curry as the main and the delicious fusion of Chinese, Indian and Thai flavours danced on our tongues.

Accompanying this was bowls of Hyn Gyo soup, a serve of fresh leafy salad complete with mint leaves and coriander, plates of pickled green beans and okra, a traditional and flavorsome tea leaf salad and several versions of ngapi a fermented seafood paste that was surprisingly delicious. Just when I thought Asian food could not be any more splendid I discovered Burmese cuisine, it ranks highly amongst my favourites.

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