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Neon Night Food Tour

A great way to discover some of Tokyo’s hidden gems is to do this small group tour. We were a group of eight plus Matt our tour guide, and we set off from a central meeting place in the bustling Shinjuku area. Matt, being a native American, had lived in Japan for the last 5…

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Visiting Hakone and Surrounds

I had heard so much about the Hakone area, that it was a good chance to see and discover. From Tokyo, I travelled by bullet train to Odawara station; such a comfortable ride and so very fast. I then took a local bus to Ichinoyu Shinanoki, a Japanese inn where I was staying for the…

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The Japanese Alps

After a few days in the metropolis that is Tokyo, it was time to venture out and see the magnificent countryside, heading westwards towards the Japanese Alps. My day began taking a local train to Matsumoto for a brief stop to visit the ““Crow Castle” for its distinctive black walls, surrounded by an impressive moat….

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Tokyo & First Cherry Blossoms

On arriving into Tokyo, I was wondering how long it would be before I spotted the first cherry blossoms.  The transfer bus took about an hour from the airport to our hotel, but it seemed less than that, as I was keenly looking out the window like in a game of I spy. Not long…

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Galapagos… You Tell Me That It’s Evolution

In my mind it appears so remote, stuck far out in the ocean somewhere off South America, a few specks in the Pacific. There were questions that needed an answer. How do you get there?  Will it take forever?  Who goes there and why do they go? And what is there?  Why is it so…

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Getting Up Close and Personal With Galapagos Wildlife

I was scrambling to finish reading On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection – a book that most will have read or at least heard of – as I packed for the Galapagos Islands trying to imagine what these bizarre and significant islands would be like. We boarded a flight in Quito,…

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Mashpi Lodge

One of only 5 properties in South America to gain a spot on National Geographic’s impressive ‘Unique Lodges of the World’ list, Mashpi Lodge uses unique architecture to blend seamlessly within the lush greenery of the 3,200 acre cloud forest in which it is nestled. Eco-centric, community minded and dedicated to sustainability, I immediately fell…

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Page, Arizona – From Horseshoe Bend to Antelope Canyon

After visiting Monument Valley we drove to the town of Page, a gateway to both incredible landmarks and adventure sports. we crossed back and forth between the states of Arizona and Utah before we reached the town sitting alongside Lake Powell. We booked a tour of Antelope Canyon for 1pm, which provided perfect lighting in…

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Monument Valley Exploring

We began our journey early in the morning, excited to be leaving the craziness of Vegas for small town USA. Our drive took 6 hours but as the road stretched out before us the scenery really grew more and more beautiful. Within a few hours the fields were covered with snow as we drove towards…

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