Tigers Nest And Tea With A Monk

A few hours after starting our trek early in the morning, we have reached the truly incredible Tigers Nest Monastery.  Trying to stop ourselves from taking a photo from every angle and every step, we wander through the monastery with our guide, learning about the importance of the history of this monument. Around a quiet corner…

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A Sporting Experience To Remember

Even if Soccer (European Football) is not your sport, if the opportunity arises to go to a game whilst travelling then take it! It doesn’t matter if it’s a local game or UEFA Europa League, the fans are so passionate and the atmosphere exhilarating. Whilst in Athens we read that one of their home teams…

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Tea With A Monk in Kyoto

After a few days of exploring Kyoto on the e-bikes provided by the hotel and doing a bit of Geisha spotting we thought it might be nice to see some of the countryside so we booked on another Urban Adventures Japan tour called Forest Spirits of Bamboo and Zen. We made our journey to the…

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Traditional Myanmar Feast

We came across this little restaurant after following a tip from a local fisherman, filled with smiling locals and a few foreigners, I asked the waiter for what was listed as a traditional Myanmar feast. As you can see my cheeky grin says it all! What a feast it was! Every meal in Myanmar was…

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