Warner Brothers Studio London – The Making of Harry Potter

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Grab your robes, glasses or wands and head to Warner Brothers Studio London, there is a magical ‘must see’ for all Harry Potter fans.

From the very first moment you enter the building you are immersed in everything Harry Potter. Huge images on giant screens show different characters from the movie and their costumes on display around the entrance hall. Then you look up and notice a gigantic dragon looming down from the ceiling. Once inside you sit down for a brief talk and then the giant doors swing open and we enter the ‘Great Hall’. Spectacular! This was just like walking into the movie. I was expecting to see the long tables magically festooned with all the wonderful food you see in the movie. But alas this didn’t happen. There was so much detail to see in this room and knowing that this was where they actually filmed, makes it that little bit more magical.

Walking through the different areas, seeing the props, the costumes, the make-up process, the animals they trained, and all of the different rooms was incredible. Dumbledore’s office was a highlight for me, seeing the huge phoenix staircase entrance, the mirrors, the books, the memory bowl. Just Wow!

The first half of the tour feels like you are in the movie, walking through the different scenes, the forest with the spiders, travelling on the Hogwarts Express, even pushing a trolley through platform 9 ¾. The tour then continues on to the food court & the outside area, where it is a must to try some of the famous Butterbeer. It tastes a bit like IRN BRU with sweet cream on top.

The second of the tour half shows you more of the magic of the movies. I won’t go into too much detail because that would spoil the surprise & the magic.

I will say that walking through Gringotts Bank & Diagon Alley will not disappoint.

Ending our visit we came out to a magnificent model of Hogwarts Castle with music from the movie surrounding us. It was a wonderful way to end such a magical experience.


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