Our clients value safety, reliability, trust, personalised service, patience and knowledge.

Many of our clients seek fulfilment through cultural immersion and educational travel experiences. With our help, they pursue travel experiences in which they are encouraged to push not just physical boundaries, but also personal and emotional ones. In other words, the majority treasure stories, not stuff.

When you get home, you can brag about the little known destinations and hidden secrets you discovered.

But, don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our raving fans had to say when asked what they love about Emma Whiting Travel…



‘I love working with David, Santo, Emma and the team for my complicated personal travel, which they always solve with relish – the weirder and trickier the better! Our growing startup hired our first US employee and started doing increasing amounts of travel, so I reached out to EWT. Of course, they’ve been great travel partners for the company too, and continue to be able to solve everything – finding the best in terms of convenience and cost-effectiveness, no matter how short the notice. I wholeheartedly recommend them.’

Kate Taylor

Baby gorilla handing upside down on branch in tree of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Uganda Africa.

‘I have been using Emma Whiting Travel since my return to Australia in 2006, completing several round-the-world trips, both alone, with my wife, and with daughters and granddaughters. All my trips were well planned, with good flights, excellent timings and interconnections using excellent hotels throughout Europe, Asia and North America, entirely well put together for an elderly traveler. I have also travelled by train, the Ghan and the Indian-Pacific (twice), and again had excellent arrangements and advice. On another occasion, when travelling by train in New Zealand, flash flooding blocked part of my route. I was contacted by Emma Whiting Travel with a rerouting even before I knew about the floods. That takes some beating and speaks very well of the close attention which is given to client’s needs. In summary, I have no hesitation in recommending Emma Whiting Travel to any prospective traveler.’

JB Metcalf

‘I want to most sincerely thank you for all the effort that went into our aborted 2020 Odyssey trip. We were meant to be travelling for over 12 months. You were so very helpful with all our bookings and flights, and you gave us valuable advice and suggestions. Then, 5 weeks into our journey, Coronavirus struck, and we had to leave Madeira and return to Australia. This is really where Emma Whiting Travel, David and Jedda, REALLY came into their own. It was impossible for us to book flights online. Websites were collapsing. WIFI was overloaded. It was crazy! There was panic. How they managed to get us on a packed to the rafters direct flight from Madeira to Heathrow was nothing short of a miracle. Airports were closing, airlines cancelling flights left right and centre, borders closed, and the prices they were charging were astronomical. The next miracle was getting us on the direct Qantas flight, Heathrow to Perth. What’s more, they managed to use our return ticket which was for Dec 2020, booked with Emirates! Bravo.

I don’t believe anyone other than a travel agency as caring, savvy, hardworking, and attuned to the problems as they were unfolding as Emma Whiting Travel were would have got us back to Australia relatively hassle free. (And thank goodness just in time for us to do quarantine in our own home). We had zero hope of navigating the airline websites on our own.  And now they are organising the refunds of flights and rentals we booked through their agency. That is another big reason to use a travel agency, and one we didn’t realise before this time. So, thank you! We’ll definitely use Emma Whiting Travel for our next trip.’

Pauline and Jean-Jacques 

‘We would just like to thank all of your staff but especially Jedda for all the hard work you have put in during the current COVID crisis. Jedda as always has been friendly and professional and has carried out all our requests no matter how difficult they may have been and made it look easy. The constant contact whether it be booking a holiday or in this case organising refunds is really appreciated.’

Marion Fry & Bill Bilston

‘Our introduction to EWT and team was through word of mouth some ten years ago!…. and now ten years later we have nothing but praise for the individual service we have experienced and can highly recommend with confidence this unique boutique team to anyone considering to embark on a travel experience. The team have individually travelled different parts of our wonderful world and are in a position to give first hand advice based on their experiences. Thank you EWT  team, every time we travel we know that we have your support 24/7, peace of mind!’

Ingrid and Juri Erenbots