Postcard from David, traveller and client, EWT

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Postcard from David, traveller and client, EWT


“I have travelled all my life and been fortunate enough to spend time in more than 50 countries. The experience of visiting the Antarctic was unique in so many respects, and genuinely a trip of a lifetime. It is a very special privilege to go somewhere where so few have been fortunate enough to visit, and to spend days immersed in one of the most remote, beautiful, wild, untouched and yet fragile, regions of the world. You wonder at how so much wildlife thrives there despite the cold, and the memories of seeing penguins, seals, birds and whales up close will live with you forever. The whole experience also leaves a deep impression on you about how important it is to protect the Antarctic environment, given it is very much at risk.

No camera can quite capture the magic of being there, and nor can it capture the stories you share with new friends you make on the Ponant ship as you enjoy the finest hospitality, cuisine, comfort and educational programs. When it came to the Ponant customer feedback at the end of the trip, there was simply nothing to complain about – so rare in life!

Go if you can – the opportunity might not be the same in future years.”


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