A Snack On The Side Of The Road in Juayua, El Salvador

Written on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 by

Wondering through the stalls at Juayua’s famous “Feria Gastronomica” food festival, with my mouth watering, I went in search of a local delicacy. The Yuca Hervida, served on banana leaves consisting of boiled cassava root – a favourite staple in the region, curtido – a delicious mix of pickled cabbage, carrot and onion and the pièce de résistance: a large smattering of chicharon -seasoned, spiced and fried pork rind was absolutely mouth watering and well worth the search.

Juayua itself is a quaint, cobble stoned village situated in the coffee producing sierras north west of the capital. Set predominately in the  main square, every weekend this little town buzzes with visitors eager to fill their bellies at the weekly food festival. Mouth watering chorizo, sizzling barbecues, roasted seasonal veggies, pulpusa cheesy corn bread with salsa – I could go on forever! Eel, guinea pig and tripe are also available for more adventurous souls but I was content gorging myself on beef shoulder, fresh tomato salad and locally picked fruit smoothies. To aid my digestion I took a stroll to one of the 7 beautiful waterfalls the area has on offer and looked forward to dinner.

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