Wulai, Taiwan – Mountains, Rivers & Alluring Hot Springs

Written on Thursday, February 2, 2023 by

A short hour and a half from the hustle and bustle of Taipei’s city life, you can find yourself amongst a nurturing calm of mountains, rivers, quiet walkways and alluring hot springs.

A small indigenous community settlement beats as the heart of this charismatic and beautiful town.  With plenty of walks and hikes for any ability, you can discover an area seemingly forgotten by the outside world.  With waterfalls and old train lines to follow, and with the Old Street bursting with local delicacies to fill the stomach at the end of the day, the area has plenty to offer.

From outdoor enthusiasts, to seasoned culture vultures, to decerning food critics, opportunities and experiences abound.  After a walk, however long or short, you can experience why many have been lured here for years – the famous hot springs.  There are several public bathing areas, some which are tucked right into the rocks along the side of the Nanshi River.  You will find locals bathing with friends, washing away their aches and pains and whiling away the time in each other’s company.

Whether it be a day trip from Taipei or a few nights spent in Wulai, you will be leaving with a breath of fresh air in your lungs and a spring in your step.



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