Walking the Walled Wonder of Dubrovnik Old Town

Written on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 by Walking Old Town Dubrovnik

Arriving into Dubrovnik I had no expectations, I was just excited to visit a new city. I knew it would be hot, historically interesting and busy, but as I was in the taxi curving around the bend with an aerial view of the town, I was not expecting how beautiful and breathtaking it would be. My jaw continued to drop as I arrived inside the old town, and after checking in and leaving my luggage I ventured out into the walled wonder. The winding alleyways, grand water fountains and immense white brick buildings on either side of main street, coupled with the beautiful Croatian summer made Dubrovnik come alive – and I hadn’t even visited the wall walk yet! I believe purchasing a ticket and walking along the circumference of the Old Town’s walls is a must when you are here, every 5 meters presents another perfect photo op – especially when the sun is setting behind the ancient fortresses and casting a shimmer over the turquoise Adriatic Sea. I experienced Dubrovnik on my own and felt a sense of freedom, enjoying the adventure the city so often presented; with its sprawling pathways and epic scenery.  The reputation of Dubrovnik – being an amazing city and tourist hot spot certainly holds in my eyes – I would go back in a heartbeat.

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