Glavica Hill Hike in Stari Grad, Hvar Island, Croatia

Written on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 by

After being on a sail boat for 4 days I was eager to stretch out my land legs again and brave the sweltering summer heat that Croatia is known for. A few of my friends and I set off mid-afternoon on a beautiful summer day with the intent of hiking up Glavica Hill for a promised great view of Stari Grad, a gorgeous city in Hvar.

The hike itself didn’t take long – about 45mins round trip, but the intense dry heat of the day and the incline of the hill was what really challenged us. After winding through the beautiful streets, we came to the dirt path that lead up to the viewpoint and I, apprehensive to keep climbing, worried that I might get heat stroke! I kept thinking to myself as I was struggling upward “maybe staying on the boat with the option to have a swim isn’t so bad after all”, but the thought of seeing Stari Grad from up high won and propelled me forward.

After my 3rd little shade and water break, I heard my friends up ahead sigh with relief; we’d made it to the top. That got my spirits and my legs up and moving again and as I was winding around the last bend, I was struck with a 360-degree view of sparkling sunny Stari Grad.

Glistening water, charming white houses with orange roofs and green mountains hugging the city was our promised (and appreciated) view. Proud of our walk and delighted with the below scene we spent some time taking in the sights, the sun, and the slight summer breeze. On the way back to our boat via an ice cream stall or two, I held my head high, glad that I pushed through the heat, as Glavica Hill is a postcard worthy view of Stari Grad.

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