Italian Truffle Hunting in Piedemont

Written on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 by Truffles in Piedemont

We began the day in Turin and headed into the countryside – the heart of Piedemont region, known for its black & white truffles- a rare find! We entered the family run farm to meet two brothers who are third generation truffle farmers, and the hounds who were leading us on the hunt. There was much excitement when the hounds picked up the scent of the truffle much quicker than expected, digging into the earth. Before long we’d uncovered several black truffles! We carried our prized findings back to the farmhouse where we brushed away the excess dirt then served up. We grated the truffles onto fresh sheep milk cheese and enjoyed with a local bottle of Chianti. We also sampled other truffle products including delicious oils. We sat outside enjoying the views of the countryside, soaking up some sun and chatting with the farmers.

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