Three Capes Track, Tasmania – To The End of The Earth in Your Own Backyard

Written on Thursday, May 21, 2020 by

With nothing between the Three Capes Track and Antarctica, you feel as though you are at the edge of the world. The Southernmost points of both the African and South American continents are equally as breathtaking but the Three Capes Walk boasts a range of truly ‘Aussie’ rugged terrain and feels like nowhere else on earth.

The track is easily accessible from Hobart and can be done as a package with accommodation and a scenic boat cruise around Maingon Bay. A three night itinerary is perfect to be able to see all that the area has to offer but not so much as to exhaust you with enormous hikes. All in all only 48 kilometres are traveled over the 4 days and so walks tend to be limited to around 6 hours maximum. There is an option to camp but the comfortable accommodations are a great place to soothe tired feet, look up at the stars and share a mug of hot chocolate or a cheeky vino. All the accommodations are environmentally friendly and have a few rangers hanging around to regale you with facts and stories about the local flora and fauna.

For me, the sense of remoteness was what sticks in my mind the most. The scenery was just so grandiose and rugged, it felt as though prehistoric creatures could lumber out of the bushes and wouldn’t look out of place. Of all the spots, Cape Pillar was the most striking. Aptly named for the bizarre pillars of naturally squared rock that jutted skyward from the cliff faces. The contrast of the deep matte colours, the crash of the surf as it pounded against the rock, the smell of the salt and the earth and the sheer wildness of the wind as it rushed past my cheeks, delighted the senses and made for an amazing experience.

The range of wildlife was also incredible, in the ocean, marine life is abundant and dolphins are often seen leaping through the waves in the bay. For the lucky few, Orcas, Sperm and Pilot Whales may just show a glimpse of themselves as they negotiate these waters on the way to the great white south. On land everything from bandicoots to possums are on display. It seemed as though every corner we turned we saw a ‘roo’ or wallaby hop into the bushes. The highly elusive platypus and Tasmanian Devil can also be found in the area and of course it wouldn’t be Australia without a few snakes here and there in the summer! Luckily the only ones we saw slithered away before we could get too close. We were fortunate to see more than one echidna, they were very undisturbed by us and let us get in a little closer for a great photo.

We came away from the experience refreshed and inspired. Tassie is relatively small and easy to get around and so it was so easy to add on a trip to Freycinet National Park for a few nights and marvel at Wine Glass Bay. We also had time to reward our activeness with a gastronomical feast in Hobart and visit the local Sunday markets. All in all there is so much natural beauty and so much to explore in Tasmania but for me the Three Capes Track is a highlight in an area of extreme natural beauty.


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