Sri Lanka’s Boutique Hotel Talalla Retreat

Written on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 by Talalla Retreat

It had been a long day of driving and exploring when we arrived at Talalla Retreat. Talalla is located just over an hours drive from Galle, along the beautiful southern coastline. On an undeveloped stretch of beach, Talalla is spread out and showcases the natural beauty around you. Staying in open-air bungalows was so peaceful. The ground floor rooms have wooden shutters on the windows, letting in the lovely warm breeze, and an open-air bathroom, where you look up from the shower to the trees above.  The rooms on top have 3 walls, with the lounge area open, looking out over the gardens or ocean. The bungalows are spread out around the tropical gardens, with small stone pathways leading you to the pool, the open-air restaurant, the day spa and the beach. The beach is so beautiful and untouched, with clear water, white sand, and the occasional traditional fishing boat. Travellers come here from all over the world for the surf camps, yoga retreats, and sometimes even both. There’s nothing like a busy day of swimming, massages, book reading, afternoon napping under palm trees, then sunset yoga in the beach pavilion. At breakfast time you can drink your fresh coconut on the grass with the local monitor lizards, and in the evenings the monkeys come down from the trees and walk around with you. The retreat is environmentally friendly, and they run weekly beach cleanups guests can participate in.

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