Sydney Bridge Climb

Written on Monday, January 4, 2021 by Sydney Bridge Climb

The Sydney Bridge Climb has been one of the “must do” things in Sydney’s harbour city for a while now, so it was time to take the opportunity whilst there to experience it for myself. The weather was wet and grey – not your traditional blue sky and shining sun, but I wasn’t going to let a bit of rain stop me from seeing Sydney Harbour from such an amazing viewpoint. I persevered hoping that the weather may change for the better. After getting changed into overalls and getting geared up with all the ropes and toggles, we had our briefing with a trial run; learning how to hook and unhook the toggles from the railings. This prep time took about an hour – the guides on the bridge climb take your safety very seriously, so keep in mind how much time to allocate in your day if you decide to take the climb.

Once ready, we began our walk along the lower section of the bridge first, then climbing several flights of stairs to reach the outer ledge. Now we had a relatively clear view of our surroundings and what lay ahead as we slowly walked up towards the top. My heart was racing, and I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face as it was an absolutely amazing experience. The weather decided to stay wet and windy, however it felt as if my surroundings came alive with the wind and rain swirling around me and being so high up – I felt like the king of the world – it was a crazy, thrilling, and unique experience.

As we reached the top, we had some time to soak in our stunning view of iconic Sydney Harbour. After a quick photo shoot, we then began the descent back down. The whole experience took about 3.5 hrs, and once we returned to the starting point, we had a chance to see and buy souvenir photos, as we had to leave our belongings behind for safety reasons. Overall, I can see easily see how this has quickly become such an integral part of Sydney’s sightseeing “must do’s”. I know I will be back again to climb on a sunny day or perhaps in the evening to see the twinkling lights of Sydney at night.


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