Soi 38 Night Market Bangkok

Written on Thursday, December 14, 2017 by Soi 38 Night Market Bangkok

Located in Bangkok’s bustling Sukhumvit district lies the Soi 38 area night markets. Here colourful stalls pedal a wealth of Thailand’s culinary delights. Steaming bowls of Tom Yum soup and delicious sizzling Pad Thai noodles are dished out, with a flavour and authenticity that only a local can provide.

Its a joy to sit and tuck in to a fresh and flavoursome curry, while you take in the atmosphere of the bustling surrounds. An evening can be made simply by strolling through the stalls and admiring the giant array of gastronomical feasts to be had. For those with a sweet tooth, a mouthwatering selection of local deserts await, each with smiling locals eager for you to try their masterpieces.

If your looking for a slightly more intimate setting, the nearby Sukhumvit Road and its side streets offer numerous traditional and fine dining options.

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