Queenstown’s Ferg Burger – Worth The Wait

Written on Saturday, December 31, 2022 by

We had heard about ‘The Burger Place’ in Queenstown and been told it was easy to find. Well it was certainly easy to find. As we drove along one of the streets, we could see a long queue of people. On closer inspection we saw ‘Ferg Burger’. We soon discovered over the coming days, there was always a queue. Wanting to know what all the fuss was about, we decided to join the queue for an early dinner. Whilst in the queue, friendly staff came along with menus and then comes the tough choice of deciding which burger of the 21 available was for me. The ‘Cockadoodle Oink’ did not disappoint. My mouth is watering even as I reminisce about it now. We sat on the seats out the front of the bustling restaurant with lots of other hungry patrons doing exactly the same thing. I’m sure all were thinking “yes, now I know why so many people talk about ‘Ferg Burger’ & why there is always a queue.”

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