Peru – Piranha Anyone?

Written on Sunday, September 27, 2015 by

Piranha anyone? I thought it was only in cartoons that there were piranha infested waters but here in the dry season the water was alive with them! We were trying to fish for them using a line and small hook and of all things to use as bait we used piranha meat! Now along with razor sharp teeth, aggressive nature and ferocious behavior, piranhas can add cannibalism to their repertoire as well!

Due to the frenzied nature of their feeding, they would never bite the hook itself. I found the best technique was to dangle the line in the water a few feet from the shore and try and whip the fish out of the water and onto the bank when they went for the bait. This technique yielded results but once on the banks the piranha would angrily flop its way back to the water causing me to do a little dance to keep my exposed toes away from any unwanted nibbling! Great fun and also very delicious with a bit of lemon and garlic!

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