Myanmar – Magnificent Temples of Bagan

Written on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 by

This beauty was casually standing behind one of Bagan’s magnificent temples. There’s so many incredible structures to see in Bagan, smaller pieces too often get overlooked. It is however these features that make the larger structures seem even more adorned and majestic.

We had opted for a mix of guided tours and our own exploration on the eco friendly and silent ‘E bikes’ available for rent around town. With the use of these and various walks that we took we were able to see another side of Bagan. A world where goat herders would find refuge in the shade of a stupa in the midday heat, or where a family with a newborn baby live in structures built hundreds of years ago and invite you in for tea! Beautiful and with surprises around every corner, one could spend weeks getting lost here.

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