Philippines – Have You Heard of the Palawan Island?

Written on Thursday, January 3, 2019 by Have You Heard Of The Palawan Islands?

If you are looking for somewhere new to go and get away from it all, sit on an amazing beach with a good book and not a lot else then the Palawan Islands in the Philippines may be the spot for you. An hour flight from Manila and you land into the city of Puerto Princesa, the capital city which has a familiar hustle and bustle to it, but the real beauty of the island lies outside the city.

A 2-hour drive to Sabang beach and we had arrived!  I guess this area is not for everyone as it’s quite basic, with all the open-air bars and restaurants out on the sand dotted along the beach, all lit by candles – as there is no electricity yet. Accommodation ranges from basic shacks on the beach to the only resort called Sheridan Beach resort which is where I stayed. It’s a great resort with a massive pool overlooking the beach and a very accommodating bar tender who seems to be offering happy hour cocktails no matter what time it is.

As soon as you arrive you instantly relax because basically there is nothing to do! The untouched beach with fine white sand and bright blue water welcomes you straight away, and after a refreshing swim and nice walk to the end of the bay my stomach was growling.  On our walk we met a local named Sally who boasted she had the only wood fired pizza oven on the island and she made the finest pizza’s; she wasn’t lying, and we ended back up there every day!

As more tourists are arriving there are new attractions starting to open like zip lining and quad biking, but the main attraction on the whole island is a caving tour through the world’s longest underground river.  It’s quite surreal gently floating down the river in total silence checking out all the amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations.

We met lots of other tourists travelling through who had been up north to the El Nido area as well and said the untouched beauty was spectacular, so that might be my next destination I’ll head when I need to get away from it all.


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