Masai Mara Game Drive With An Animal Whisperer

Written on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 by Game Drive with An Animal Whisperer

Game drives in the Maasai Mara are a thrilling experience that never gets old, and having a great driver makes all the difference.  In such a large National Reserve with so many animals to find, having a driver that knows the land and the animals makes the day even more exciting and of course successful!

Our driver was able to tell us stories about the animals we saw and past experiences he has had with them, as well as being able to speak to them! No, he really could.  On our very last game drive our driver Muli asked us what we wanted to see that day and our answer in unison was a lion cub!

We eventually came across a Pride of lions, however they were hiding in large bushes and were out of sight however we knew that there were at least 5 lions as well as cubs hiding from us.

All of a sudden, we heard a familiar sound – the call of a lion. However, the sound was coming from our jeep and from Muli!  Before our eyes the lion cubs came out of the bushes followed by the rest of the family and played right in front of vehicle.  They were all so relaxed and we sat watching them for ages and were able to just enjoy them being the incredible animals they are without the stress of trying to get the best photo in a split second.

Prior to that on our second day we came across 4 Cheetahs who were all brothers, they were sitting on a small mound and were of course camera shy and facing the wrong way.  Muli started to make a sort of chirping sound and instantly they all turned to face us, it made for one of the best photos of our trip.

The Maasai Mara was a wonderful way to end our Kenya experience and all because of our wonderful drivers and guides, with their incredible knowledge and their love of animals and their country.


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