Czech-ing out Prague by Bike

Written on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 by

After walking from Prague Castle, through the cobblestone streets with the grand buildings and over Charles Bridge we finally ended in the Old Town. Prague is a grand city and well known for its beautiful Castle and photo ready bridges.

However, there is more to Prague than the Old Town and Castle. We set off on bikes to explore a little further and managed to see so many backstreets and local artwork with the help of our local guide.

We made a stop at the famous John Lennon Wall, which was created after the assassination of John Lennon in 1980 when an unknown artist painted a single portrait of Lennon on the wall with some lyrics. Since then, artists have continued to pay tribute to John Lennon and the Beatles, painting artwork and lyrics on the wall. It’s mostly a nice place to write well wishes to the world now and where amateur artists come to paint. We saw the Crawling Bronze Babies, a strange art installation on the river as well as some local eateries our guide recommended.

This was a really interesting way to see Prague more like a local, but after three hours we were in need of some goulash and a massage, it’s certainly not easy cycling on cobblestone!

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