Cooking in Udaipur, India

Written on Thursday, August 15, 2019 by Cooking in Udaipur

Still my favourite place in India, I was so happy to return to Udaipur.  This gorgeous lake city is so charming. The small winding streets and alleyways are a calm reprieve after the craziness of travelling around Rajasthan. Historic white buildings line the waterfront, most with rooftop restaurants and contrasting bright pink bougainvillea.

Instead of just sampling the food we decided to try a cooking class. Locals recommended Sushma’s class and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Sushma began cooking at a young age and her experience and love for food shows. As we sat in the light airy classroom Sushma began by explaining a number of the spices used in Rajasthani cooking, as well as recommending a substitute ingredient in our home countries so we could prepare the dishes long after our holidays finish. We then began the lesson with learning to make traditional chai! Sushma and her assistant chef demonstrated how to prepare a range of traditional dishes, inviting us to assist throughout the lesson. Afterwards we shared a beautiful lunch with our classmates from all over the world, devouring all the dishes we had made, including Paneer Masala, dal, and chapattis. A fantastic way to spend an afternoon in Udaipur.


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