Close To Nature In The Heart Of Torres Del Paine

Written on Saturday, June 29, 2019 by Close To Nature In The Heart Of Torres Del Paine

Patagonia is a magnificently beautiful rugged region stretching across part of Chile and Argentina. In the heart of Patagonia is Torres Del Paine National Park.  Here the weather is extreme and can turn in an instant and you can find yourself at the mercy of Mother Nature as she throws it all at you. No matter how strong the winds are, how sudden the storms brew and how much sideways rain comes your way it does not dampen the experience that can only be ‘Wild Patagonia”.  As your day starts with glorious sunrises you are treated to spectacular vistas in every direction, exposing the Andes in their splendor, magical rainbows appear, brilliant sunny days and clear starry skies.

At the very start of the well worn trail to the Torres (Towers) is the very unique Eco Camp.  As the name suggests this camp has been designed to be  environmentally friendly and offers guests a very personal, close to nature experience in Patagonia.  On our arrival at the camp and were shown to our Dome Tent, home for the next 4 days, which was delightfully cozy with the warmth of the wood heater.  I felt so completely relaxed and in tune with nature.  This was camping, but don’t get me wrong, we were definitely not roughing it!  Our kingsize bed was luxurious, our tents had their own private en suites and verandahs, the meals were absolutely delicious chef prepared with finest ingredients sourced from the local area and of course, a well stocked bar and no shortage of Chilean wines.   What I loved most was the overall boho vibe, the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly staff and “no wifi” – yep – off the grid!

The choice of daily activities caters for everyone.  There is some soft adventures and some hard core hiking.  I took up the challenge to hike to the base of the Towers as after all, I had gone all that way!  The hike was  difficult but so rewarding.  27km over 10 hours and through varying terrain of bush trails, through forests, crossing rivers and climbing boulders.  The views were stunning, the company of fellow hikers and guides was great and full of conversation and the overwhelming sense of achievement was worth every step.  Returning to camp, relaxing in the communal dome with a beer and a few laughs is the perfect way to end the day.

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