Africa from Above

Written on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 by

I was, shall we say ‘a little nervous’ about my flight over the Okavango Delta. I had never experienced the stomach dropping qualities of a small plane flight before. However our smiling captain reassured me all would be well as he went about his final checks. After take-off  however, the jangled nerves of a few moments before were long forgotten. Visible from space, the myriad of waterways of the Okavango Delta looked like vast arteries stretching off into the horizon. Papyrus flanked reed beds and expansive flood plains twinkling in the sun passed beneath me, as flocks of brilliantly coloured birds flew from their perches. There were countless islands dotted with green palms, carved out by thousands of years of meandering channels, where elephant, hippo and buffalo grazed alongside one-another. Truly a highlight of my trip and a highlight of any African Itinerary.


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