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Premium Travel Classes: comfort, personal service, indulgence.

The desire for comfort and privacy has discerning passengers looking to the Premium classes for a better flight experience, and airlines competing to provide the highest quality and a winning edge over the competition. Premium air travel on international flights is offered as Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class. The class differences vary between carriers, aircraft and flight routes but uniformly offer greater comfort, facilities and amenities; minimising passenger fatigue through unique pre and post flight services and in-air experiences. Passengers often receive:


  • Personalised service with greater staff-to-passenger ratios
  • Choice of made to order, gourmet meals and premium alcohol
  • Extensive audio and video options via noise reducing headphones and large personal televisions
  • Sleep 'comfort' items including eye masks, bed linen and attire
  • Wider seats that recline further or become horizontal flat beds
  • Greater personal space including increased leg room, seat dividers, storage compartments etc
  • Chauffeur transfers to and from airports
  • Priority check-in, boarding and deplaning
  • Greater baggage allowances
  • Priority baggage delivery post-flight
  • Access to exclusive airport lounges.

So what is the difference between flying Premium Economy, Business Class or First Class? And how does one airline differ from their competitors?

To assist you in choosing the airline and travel class that best suits your needs and expectations, click on our Comparison Guides below. Each provides an overview of airline offerings in First, Business, and Premium Economy Class travel, from preferred airlines servicing the Australian market.

EWT consultants are eager to ensure you get the most out of your flight, and arrive at your destination feeling spirited and refreshed, so contact us for more Premium Air Travel information, fares and packages.

Frequent Flyer Programs

Frequent Flyer programs are loyalty programs offered by many airlines to reward customers for their patronage. Once enrolled in an airline's program, members accumulate frequent flyer miles and status points based on distances flown with that airline or its partners. Air miles and status points can then be redeemed for future flights, travel class upgrades, airport lounge access, preferential treatment including extra baggage allowances, waiting list and upgrade priority, and for dedicated check-in. Miles can also be earned 'on the ground' through the use of co-branded credit and debit cards (where airline programs are linked to financial institutions). Such cards enable consumers to accrue frequent flyer points every time they shop.

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