Soaking Snow Monkeys in Japan

Written on Tuesday, January 3, 2023 by

As a teenager I was fascinated by the film ‘Baraka’ which depicted scenes from all around the globe. One particularly intriguing sequence was that of the Japanese snow monkeys, who escape the harsh temperatures of […]

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A few days in the Japanese Alps

Written on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 by

After a few days in the metropolis that is Tokyo, it was time to venture out and see the magnificent countryside, heading westwards towards the Japanese Alps. My day began taking a local train to […]

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Discover Japan with Globus

Written on Sunday, June 30, 2019 by

From the towers and gadgets of Tokyo to the serenity of sacred shrines and the soaring beauty of Mt Fuji, this tour provides the perfect blend of guided excursions and free time to explore this […]

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Japan Past and Present Guided Tour

Written on Thursday, February 7, 2019 by

Ancient wooden temples, raked-pebble Zen gardens and chanting Buddhist monks juxtaposed with space-age towers, neon lights and bullet trains; Japan’s captivating blend of old and new is legendary. As we explore the southern and western […]

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