Japan ‘Teamlab Planets’ Experience

Written on Monday, December 19, 2022 by

Surreal, mind bending and out of this world – just a few ways one could explain the experience of Teamlab’s latest artistic installment in Tokyo. Part museum, part art exhibition and part theme park, the planets experience tantalizes the senses by merging auditory, tactile and visual art pieces into a walk through psychedelic showcase. For its awestruck patrons (us included) it is difficult to explain what TeamLab Planets is. A fairly nondescript building houses work by an international art collective, an interdisciplinary group of various specialists such as artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects whose collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, and the natural world.

Take your shoes off and pass barefoot through seven distinct art pieces, each designed to merge the body and mind and have them pass though the installment together as one entity. For a few hours of our afternoon in Tokyo we were transported to the farthest reaches of the cosmos and whisked safely back to our locker to collect our shoes, grab a coffee and chat about the experience we just had.  Impossible to describe and futile to try! Completely unmissable and deliciously bizarre, in a city with no shortage of highlights and ‘wow factor’, The Teamlab Planets experience was definitely #1 on our highlights of Tokyo.


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