Why NOW is the time to take that active break! 

Written on Monday, June 29, 2020 by

When you’re in need of a holiday we often picture sightseeing and cultural walks, local food and switching off by the pool to relax! 


What about jumping on a bike to ride through some of Victoria’s most scenic alpine regions, or hiking along the Great Ocean Road spending your days admiring the sights of your own backyard that people travel the length of the globe to come and see instead? 


These are the trips that make you feel great about yourself, that make you really switch off and appreciate what is under your feet.  These are the moments that inspire you like no other and here’s some reasons why now is the time to explore the endless possibilities that are out there for your next active holiday.  


Give yourself a challenge to work up to  

We’ve all experienced a time of limited freedom lately, of challenges we could never have imagined.  Now is the time to set some goals for yourself and work up to that hike, that bike ride or that mountain – metaphorically or not!  Setting your sights on an active getaway gives you a challenge to prepare for, both mentally and physically and might just be the push you need to feel good about yourself and really come out the other side on top! 


Reenergize and revive  

You don’t have to climb to the top of Everest to feel great about your efforts and experience some amazing physical and mental health benefits. Active travel can be as intense or relaxing as you want it to be, so choose your activity, find your Everest and get out there and get yourself moving! 


Get off your devices 

Zoom, Teams, Facetime, Skype; these apps have never been so prevalent in our lives and although they’ve been a great way to keep us togethersometimes just putting them away can give you a sense of calm and respite.  On a full day walk through a gorgeous rainforest, along vast ocean stretches or immense mountaintops you’ll be effortlessly gifted with time away from your devices and priceless memories to last a lifetime. 



As you disconnect from technology you open up an opportunity to reconnect with the things that are most important to you.  You may be in need of connecting with your own mind and body and giving it the attention it deserves.  Or it could be connecting with your travel companion, with your hiking stride or with the simplicity of nature.  All of these connections are out there waiting for you to grasp them!  


Get back to nature 

Watching a sunrise or sunset, discovering that you really love being amongst the ferns or out in the sea air, talking for uninterrupted hours with the person you’re walking with or perhaps just taking those hours to be deep in your own thoughts.  Spending time in nature and giving yourself a moment to take it all in embeds a feeling in us like no other and creates memories that will take you back there for years to come.  Nature has a way of healing, inspiring and grounding us, so stop waiting and take that first step towards that breath of fresh air.   


Try something new  

You’ve barely been on a bike in years, so surely a cycling trip isn’t for you?  But those views do look good, and the thought of ending a day with a rewarding dinner, a glass of wine and sharing the tales of your adventure sound like just what you need!  So why not give it a go?  We can help to find the right trip to suit you and you never know, you might just find a new hobby!  





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