Time To Be Creative with Cultural Holidays around Australia

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As Melbournians we are inquisitive people, always looking for new experiences and keen to expand our knowledge. This is why we are so passionate about cultural tourism, the lifestyle of people in certain geographical areas, the history of those people, their art, music, language, architecture, spirituality, and other elements that help shape their way of life.

Have you always loved exploring your creativity but struggled to make time for it? As we lead busy lives it can be difficult to schedule in time to revisit some of the things we loved growing up or as young adults.  Or perhaps you don’t know where to start and need some inspiration.

Have you looked on in wonder at a Welcome to Country ceremony at the start of a sporting event or opening of a festival? Or been amazed by the discovery of ancient rock carvings and wall paintings in this vast land?

Our indigenous culture comes in many forms. We see it in paintings and dance and hear it in song and musical instruments. We listen and learn from the stories of the first nations ancient and modern existence. Think of when you had a glimpse of Aboriginal culture, be it a documentary or the biographical journey of a famous indigenous sportsperson or artist. Have you been curious to discover more? Here’s your chance for some enlightenment.

Music is a huge part of Australian culture, from the messages shared through generations of first nations peoples, to the ballads of the early settlers, and that distinctively Australian sound many of us grew up with. We live in a land perfect for outdoor music, opera in the park, classical concerts in vineyards and choirs in domains. Blues, folk and country festivals abound in ideal locations throughout the countryside. Take the opportunity to relax, maybe sing or dance along or perhaps brush up on your musical talents. Many tours have as their highlight time to appreciate a musical event.

Is architecture your thing? Take a guided tour of the Rocks area of Sydney to discover the early buildings of the first European settlers and then observe the contrast with a walking tour of the iconic Sydney Opera House and satisfy your cultural desires with an evening performance of a celebrated Australian artist.

Would you love to take up painting or drawing again but don’t have all the equipment you require? Perhaps an art holiday is for you. We are lucky in Australia to have a huge variety of art retreats in inspiring locations, chosen to ignite your creative side once again. Whether you want to sample a long weekend or dedicate a longer period of time to an art holiday, there is something for everyone.

Not a professional artist? Don’t worry, these programs are for all levels of artists, and are designed to improve your craft no matter where you’re at.

Art Retreats

Choose from a range of beautiful retreats around Australia as the base for your art escape. Can you picture yourself in a country home surrounded by bushland and native birdlife? Or perhaps in a beach house waking up to the sunrise on the water? At each retreat be guided by artists in residence, or special guests visiting for the length of your retreat program. There are many benefits of working on your craft at a retreat, all your necessary equipment is on hand, and you’re on holiday, so no daily life getting in the way.

Art Tours

The perfect combination of travel and art, enjoy time to get creative while traveling around some of Australia’s most unique destinations. Keep discovering new landscapes as you move, finding renewed inspiration each time you arrive at your next stop. Enjoy the benefits of having your guide show you around as you learn the history and culture of where you are, then let your new knowledge infuse your work.

Art holidays are a beautiful way to relax and find inspiration. Often guests come home ready to book another, having made good friends over art, beautiful food and wine.


Now is the time to start exploring this great country of ours. Get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the different aspects of our culture and become enlightened. Then share with your friends and family so they too will want to discover and become more aware of the culture that Australia has in its various forms.


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