The Plantations of Minca, Colombia

Written on Saturday, January 30, 2016 by

The bustling city of Santa Marta is filled with people to-ing and fro-ing from Colombia’s famous Parque de Tayrona but not many are aware of the hidden jewels nestled amongst the surrounding hills. Only an hour or so away from the busy streets of the big smoke, an eco tourists paradise awaits. Pristine rainforest, abundant wildlife, fantastic food and local hospitality are rife throughout the little villages that dot the area.

This was the view from my “finca” one of many environmentally savvy farms turned guest house in the area. I was lucky enough to have a tour of the organic coffee and fruit plantations and of course sample the delicious produce! The area has an extensive labyrinth of well marked walking tracks ranging from 10 minute strolls to full day hikes and along the way there is an abundance of places to take a swim and chat to the friendly locals. Every night I returned to this spot to watch the sun set over the Caribbean sea while the lights of Santa Marta twinkled in the distance.

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