Taipei Night Markets

Written on Friday, January 6, 2023 by

Stepping out into the hum and buzz of Taipei’s nightlife, riding the immaculate subway and exploring the streets is wonderful excitement enough in itself. It would however be unthinkable to miss out on the chaotic and magical night market scene in Taiwan’s vibrant capital.

Come nightfall as tummies rumble and vendors prep for the night ahead, crowds of young and old descend on streets stuffed with carts, cookpots and gastronomical delights. The atmosphere, the sounds, the sights and the people watching opportunity is more than enough to tempt the traveler but the quality and array of food eclipses it all. For every known favourite dish and cuisine cooked to perfection, there were 20 equally as delicious that we had never heard of!

There was literally so much on offer it was difficult to decide which dish to give precedence over the valuable real estate space in our stomachs! You could eat there every night for a hundred years and never eat the same thing twice, never have the same experience and above all would never be disappointed and always hungry for more.


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