Switzerland – Picture Postcard

Written on Saturday, January 16, 2021 by

Think Switzerland, think cheese, think chocolate, think of this most incredibly beautiful and memorizing country.

As I glided along my 20th (or is that my 21st?) train trip (whose counting?) the edge of yet another sparkling blue lake into Interlaken, my thoughts are “where will the journey take me today?” isn’t that the wonder of travel? The unknown. The unexpected. The surprise. The freedom.

The towering mountains beckoned two more train changes, all on time of course -this is Switzerland – higher and higher to the dare I say ‘quaint’ village of Wengen in Bernese Oberland region. All so perfect, so clean, so fresh, so organised, so pretty, all so Switzerland.

After dropping my bags off, two more trains (that’s 6 today) to the splendor of the Jungfraujoch – top of Europe they claim – and it is high; 3,454 meters above sea level to be exact and well up into the snow line, remember a jacket! And thin air, take it easy, slow down and enjoy the experience. Back down through the rock face still in awe of the spectacle glaziers, snow clad mountains, and endless view over the surrounding countryside, whilst viewing ever changing scenery of sheer rock faces, opening out to moorland through forest with so many different shades of green, remote farmlets to lovely Wengen where I was to stay the night. After a soak in the heated pool in the hotel and a meal of schnitzel accompanied by local Swiss wine, as I retired for the evening, I reflected on the beauty of this stunning region and how fortunate I was to experience this wonder, dozing off to the distant sounds of cow bells on the mountainside.

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