Swept Away By Broome

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As we descended into Broome I was immediately struck by the most gorgeous sunset, lighting up the red earth and emerald sea in the distance. The contrast in colours was spectacular. I’d always wanted to visit and finally had the opportunity to see what felt like the furthest place from Melbourne in the country. I think the remoteness of this ‘city’ really adds to its charm, it feels like a true escape.

We checked into the infamous Cable Beach Club Resort, which feels like its own suburb of Broome. The décor really reflects the areas colonial and Asian history, and is set in tropical gardens with 2 pools, 4 restaurants, and a beautiful spa, right across from Cable Beach itself. There’s nothing like starting the day with a beach stroll underneath the palm trees, as the daily procession of camels transporting visitors along the beach passes you by.

One of my highlights was visiting Willie Creek Pearl Farm. At just over 35 kilometers out of Broome, the drive alone was worthwhile to see the surrounding landscape. We got to see the pearl farming process from beginning to end, starting with a boat tour into the mangroves to see the oyster nets submerged in the most bright blue water. It was really interesting to see the modern seeding and harvesting process. Back on dry land we enjoyed morning tea, while learning what happens after the shells are taken out of the water, through to the peal being used in jewellery. I took the option of returning to Broome via helicopter, and it was so worth it. The 15 minute flight over the ocean was so spectacular, seeing the coastline in northern WA from the air was breathtaking.

We also took a tour of the town which I’d definitely recommend. You may think “the town is small, do we really need a tour?” In short – yes you do! I had no idea about Broome’s history and learning about it from locals really gave us an insight we never would’ve gotten without this tour. Learning about the original Master Pearlers and their interaction with the indigenous community was a sad reminder of our history, but one I’m so grateful to have learnt about. We also visited Gantheaume Point cliffs & Lighthouse, the Japanese Cemetery, and Sun Pictures. Built in 1903, Sun Pictures is the world’s oldest outdoor theatre. It began as an Asian emporium in Chinatown, became a picture theatre 10 years later showing silent films, and survived the towns bombing during the war. It’s seen multiple flooding’s as patrons left the theatre with pants rolled up and soaked shoes, and later on had segregated seating separating white Europeans from the Japanese and Chinese, with Malays and Aboriginal Australians left sitting on the floor or low benches without much of a view. Just standing in this theatre you feel like you can see the history unfolding around you. The theatre is also on Broome’s flight path, so often the sound of the film would be drowned out as a plane came in to land a few hundred metres above your head.

Just over an hours drive from Broome you’ll find Eco Beach Resort, a minimalist wilderness experience overlooking the Indian Ocean. With a small amount of eco villas and safari tents spread out but hidden against the landscape, it’s the perfect retreat back to nature. The resort is solar powered and serious about protecting their surroundings while still providing the comforts of a resort, like the infinity pool overlooking the beach that you never want to leave. The resort hosts a range of activities for you to explore its pristine location, including kayaking, fishing, yoga, turtle and whale watching, and my personal favourite ‘Mud & Bubbles’. This ‘spa treatment’ experience takes place right on the beach. After a sand exfoliation, cover yourself from head to toe in mangrove mud from local Jack’s Creek, then let it dry on you as lay in the sun enjoying a glass of champagne, letting the mud remove toxins, and refresh, and moisturize your skin while it hardens. The finishing touch, jumping into the ocean to wash it all off and emerging from the water feeling all brand new. Eco Beach Resort is definitely worth at least a few nights stay, give us a call for stay pay packages.

Broome feels like a cross between Far North Queensland and Darwin. It’s tropical and lively with a great local market and community atmosphere, all located where the red earth meets the bluest ocean. It’s Australia’s own pearl, don’t wait to go visit.

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