Relaxing in Fiji

Written on Thursday, January 14, 2021 by

Is there anything more synonymous with relaxation than lazing on a palm-fringe beach with a cocktail in hand? Luckily enough, the nearby island nation of Fiji beckons the weary, the stressed and those in need of a break and invites you to melt into its laid back and beautiful vibe.

Taking the overnight flight to Nadi from Melbourne we were welcomed not only by the glow of the sunrise but to the sound of a guitar and  singing of locals at the small airport.

As soon as we were out on the water bound for our island resort, we were so relaxed, so it was hard to believe we had only left home 6 or 7 hours earlier.

We were greeted at the jetty of our resort by the newly familiar singing and lots of friendly hellos and brilliant smiles as they beamed ‘Bula’! The friendliness is palpable and infectious to even the weariest of wanderers.

We were lucky enough to stay at Tropica Island Resort which boasted a magnificent beach and coral studded waters of the most brilliant blue you have ever seen. Whilst most of our trips tend to be fueled by experience and a bit of adrenaline, Tropica resort was the perfect place to unwind, take it all in and just… be.

We spent the next few days not only sitting by the pool and reading but taking out the kayaks, snorkelling equipment, stand up paddle boards and riding the bikes provided by our new home.

As each day went on we got more and more used to island life and were so thankful for our late August getaway. For a relaxing unwind, friendly smiling faces, great food and plenty of time in the water Fiji is the perfect place to escape to!

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