Queenslands’ Kuranda Scenic Rail & Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

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The Kuranda Rail is an absolute must for anyone that visits Palm Cove as it offers unparralled views of this glorious, tropical holiday spot. High up in the trees is the terrifying or thrilling (depends if you’re scared of heights) Kuranda Rail and Sky Rail network. This is a full day tour, and one you won’t regret. You can take the sky rail up and down or swap with the Kuranda rail route– or if you’re undecided on which option, you can take one mode of transport up and the other back down. 

Read on for my recount of railtrain and sky and the bustling town that is Kuranda! 


Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Think glass cages suspended thousands of feet in the air….the clouds are your neighbours, and tips of trees are your viewsthis is like no other cableway…gliding through the rainforest of Palm Cove on The SkyRail is an iconic day out you should endeavour to try. You board the Cableway with friends and family, and sit back and relax as you coast through nature as she puts on a fine show of The Wet Tropics.  Sitting in these gondola lifts, with an everchanging view (and height) with just your thoughts and a surprised “wow” from your fellow travellers, as they (and you) are awed by the canopy that thrives around you is a breathtaking experience. Every 30 mins or so, there is a station the Cableway stops at to allow you to stretch your legs, and have a walk around the rainforest you recently saw from above. With 360 degree views of glimmering green rainforest, your neck will be sore from trying to capture all the natural beauty The Wet Tropics has to offer! 

For some, the Sky Rail will be a thrilling experience they will want to do again and again, and for others (including me), you have weak knees from being up too high and can’t wait to ride the Kuranda Scenic Railway…  


Kuranda Scenic Railway 

Picture this; Diesel Electric Locomotive Train, winding its way up tropical mountains, stopping for wonderous photo opportunitiesyou’re sitting in sizeable and comfortable interior carriage which contains pictures and history of the creation of the railway, and over the PA system is a guided telling of how the Kuranda Scenic Railway was built…Sound like something you’d enjoy? Then full steam ahead! Whether you are a train fanatic, or are just wanting a ride to visit Kuranda Town, the experience that is the Kuranda Scenic Railway is sure to delight! 

Hopping aboard the train at Freshwater station your journey begins comfortably and slow, however its not long before train and surrounding nature pick up speed and beauty and suddenly you are weaving through tropical rain forest and are transported back to 1891 when this beautiful train network was built. History comes alive as a recount of all the tragedies and triumphs of building this railway network are shared throughout the carriages over the P.A system. After a few stops for photos, the train surges ahead through the Great Dividing Range, and slows to a stop at the final destination; Kuranda Station, where the town of Kuranda is waiting to be explored 


Kuranda Town 

colourful sprawling borough that is Kuranda presents itself and is waiting to be discovered. There is something for everyone; souvenirs, jewellery, markets, animal attractions, lolly shopscafes, and grand pubs with a view. Once you’ve experienced all that this quaint and quirky town has to offer, it’s time to depart on one of the aforementioned thrilling rail journeys.  


If this sounds like something you’d like to experience, then the team at Emma Whiting Travel would be all too happy to organise this for you! 

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