Quad Biking in Bali on a rainy day

Written on Friday, December 30, 2022 by

If you’re traveling to Bali in the wet season, which can be quite a popular time to go considering it’s the Aussie summer holidays, you may find yourself a little stuck on the very rainy afternoons that take place daily during this time of year. 

On a recent stay my partner and I found ourselves in just this predicament.  We’d exhausted the bars and shops, it was too wet for the beach and we didn’t want to waste our precious holiday time cooped up in our room (as lovely as it was!). 

Some friends had recommended doing an ATV trip to Ubud so I had pre booked a half day tour with  Quad Bike Bali. The tour company collected us from our hotel and we drove approximately one hour through bustling Bali up into the hills.  We were met by some very friendly staff who gave us our gumboots and ‘raincoats’, a quick lesson and briefing and then we were off! 

The track starts off by traveling through the local township/villages.  This was really pretty and interesting to see the local lifestyle as well as a lot of fun, particularly with the locals laughing at us in our clear ponchos that were doing absolutely nothing to protect us from the torrential rain.   

From here you ride through rice paddy fields into the jungle where you hit the permanent park trail. At this point I realised there was no longer any point in trying to keep any part of me dry.  The entire track was flooded, up to my knees at a minimum and mud everywhere.  Once I dealt with the fact I was going to be soaking and covered in mud it so much fun!  Racing through the track, getting bogged, chasing each other.  We were very lucky to be on a private tour so it was just us two and our fantastic guide meaning we could go anywhere we wanted.  Such a pretty setting, even with the mud!  

The afternoon ends with a very steep incline that takes you down to a rushing river.  The brave of us (not me!) spent 30 mins or so riding through the rapids, our guide and my partner spinning their wheels to cover me in mud while I watched on, like young teenage boys they were!  It was an afternoon full of laughs, lots of fun and of course the gorgeous Balinese people as usual going out of their way to provide us with a great time.  An excellent activity for couples, families & groups. 

I would definitely recommend this tour. My main tip for the experience is: take a spare change of clothes – you’ll need them!  



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