Postcards From Antarctica

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Shrouded in mystery and ice, Antarctica is a realm of unparalleled beauty and scientific intrigue. Stepping foot on its pristine shores is like entering another world, one where towering glaciers, curious penguins, and an ethereal silence surround you.

As our Antarctica Group inches closer to departure in February 2024, we hear from those that have experienced the captivating beauty first hand. Ponant Expedition Manager, Jorge, writes to us about the adventure of a lifetime. David, a wonderful client of Emma Whiting Travel shares extraordinary photographs from his personal voyage earlier this year. Our travel designer Karla reflects on her priceless memories, and Santo, group host for the upcoming departure welcomes you to this very unique opportunity.

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Postcard from Jorge, Expedition Manager, Ponant 


“Being an Expedition Leader on board Ponant Yachts and Cruises, exploring the Antarctic Peninsula, is an unparalleled privilege. Guiding intrepid travellers through the untouched beauty of icebergs, glaciers, and wildlife is a profound experience; sharing in their wonder as they encounter penguins and whales up close is incredibly rewarding.

Ponant’s commitment to sustainability and scientific research aligns with my passion for preserving this delicate ecosystem. Leading expeditions in this pristine and remote wilderness is a journey of discovery, education, and inspiration, creating memories that last a lifetime for both guests and myself.

The upcoming group departure with Emma Whiting Travel is the journey of a lifetime to one of the world’s last frontiers. Embark on this unforgettable odyssey and let the frozen wonders of Antarctica leave an indelible mark on your soul. Discover the beauty, embrace the wilderness, and become a steward of this fragile ecosystem as you travel responsibly with Ponant Yachts and Cruises. Your adventure awaits and I cannot wait to greet you in Antarctica!”


Postcard from David, traveller and client, EWT


“I have travelled all my life and been fortunate enough to spend time in more than 50 countries. The experience of visiting the Antarctic was unique in so many respects, and genuinely a trip of a lifetime. It is a very special privilege to go somewhere where so few have been fortunate enough to visit, and to spend days immersed in one of the most remote, beautiful, wild, untouched and yet fragile, regions of the world. You wonder at how so much wildlife thrives there despite the cold, and the memories of seeing penguins, seals, birds and whales up close will live with you forever. The whole experience also leaves a deep impression on you about how important it is to protect the Antarctic environment, given it is very much at risk.

No camera can quite capture the magic of being there, and nor can it capture the stories you share with new friends you make on the Ponant ship as you enjoy the finest hospitality, cuisine, comfort and educational programs. When it came to the Ponant customer feedback at the end of the trip, there was simply nothing to complain about – so rare in life!

Go if you can – the opportunity might not be the same in future years.”


A few words from Santo: The anticipation of Antarctica



Karla reflects on her Antarctica journey in 2019



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