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One of only 5 properties in South America to gain a spot on National Geographic’s impressive ‘Unique Lodges of the World’ list, Mashpi Lodge uses unique architecture to blend seamlessly within the lush greenery of the 3,200 acre cloud forest in which it is nestled.

Eco-centric, community minded and dedicated to sustainability, I immediately fell in love with Masphi Lodge and its surroundings.

Welcomed with a juice made from the organic and exotic local fruits this lodge gave me a first impression I won’t forget, and I couldn’t wait to explore!

Shortly after settling into our stunning rooms we were briefed by our exploration director and were left buzzing with excitement at the thought of hikes, waterfalls, observation towers, hummingbird gardens and more!  After enjoying a gorgeous lunch of fresh and sumptuous cuisine in the beautiful dining area, we set off to experience the sky bike – a unique bicycle apparatus which has you sitting high above the canopy whilst you take it in turns to pedal across the cable and get a one of a kind experience truly immersed in the nature of your surroundings.

Over the next 2 days we engaged in many completely varied activities, hiking through both cloud and rainforest and marveling at the surroundings explained beautifully through the knowledge of our guides. We saw countless types of hummingbirds, butterflies and insects as well as a few intrigued Tayras and many nocturnal creatures on a night walk.

Above all the rich biodiversity and the intricacy of the eco system blew me away. From the smallest insect to the mightiest tree, the collaboration between organisms left one with a feeling of the intense connection and total insignificance within the forest.

We managed to end each day kicking back in style with a cocktail in hand, whilst admiring the seemingly never-ending expanse of greenery outside through grand floor to ceiling windows.

I didn’t want to leave, and I truly hope that I can one day return to Mashpi Lodge to renew my energy and immerse myself once again in the rich beauty of the area.

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