Latrabjag Cliff Sides: Iceland – The edge of the earth

Written on Tuesday, December 27, 2022 by

In the Westfjords of Iceland you will come across peninsulas of stunning cliffs, remote villages that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years, wildlife in the millions and a vast feeling of really being in an area almost forgotten by the rest of the world.

Sitting at the Westerly outcrop of this peninsula and of Iceland, is Látrabjarg, famous for its cliff’s plethora of birdlife especially over the summer months.  Rarely do landscapes stir up the imagination as much as the clifftops at Latrabjag.  It’s as if you can almost see clans of lumbering trolls traipsing across their dizzying precipices.

Its dramatic scenery draws the adventurous from all over the world. Topped by a fertile meadow of green grasses and wildflower, these staggeringly huge cliffs are one of the premiere nest sights of Icelandic puffins on the island and are a photographer’s dream come true. Visitors can brave the cliff edges and witness the dizzying heights to the ocean swirling below or take a walk up to the far end for spectacular views. The cliff sides incline sharply upwards to their edges, giving an otherworldly feeling of almost launch-ramps to the heavens.

Sitting on the edge of the finger-like shape of the Westfjordlands, it certainly felt as though we were reaching toward Valhalla itself.


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