Jordan in a Week

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I love those small, less discovered countries that fly quietly under the radar, surrounded by well-known nations with their egoistical leaders and bullying policies.

Think Nepal or Laos in Asia or Slovenia in Europe. In Africa there is Rwanda and in South America there is Uruguay – two more countries that come to mind. Jordan is another fine example of these quiet yet quaint countries.  Being small in size they have smaller populations, the drive from the airport is manageable, which takes you to the un-crowded capital, quicker.

Travelling to these small countries doesn’t involve more trips to airports for yet more flights or long journeys through suburbia to get the countryside. Easy to see in a week or even a few days, these smaller countries are fiercely independent and extremely proud and full of surprises.

Jordan, right in the heart of the Middle East is set among some newsworthy neighbours, perhaps that’s why it is often overlooked as a travel destination.  Welcoming locals eager to show off their varying countryside, which can be explored in a week, are just one of the ‘wow’ experiences that this country offers. If it’s not already – Jordan should be on your discovery list.

Arriving in the capital; Amman is easy (made easier by having a transfer waiting). The city is a fascinating mixture of old and new, poor and prosperous with a huge amount of refugees settled in makeshift camps – stark contrast to a modern downtown area with upmarket restaurants. Truly a country rich in culture, history, and stunning landmarks such as Petra and The Dead Sea.


Jordan is calling. Will you answer?

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