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Written on Thursday, June 6, 2019 by are you covered, travel insurance concept

The Ombudsman and DFAT feedback has been worrying us, there are too many Australian’s travelling without sufficient insurance – we want to ensure you are not one of them!

Travel insurance cover is always changing and you and your circumstances may have changed, so let’s do a health check and ensure you still have sufficient cover.

Some of our clients doing a health check recently found:
• Platinum cards: their partner was not covered even as a supplementary card holder
• Their bank insurance was not in place as they didn’t activate it by calling their bank
• They weren’t covered for car hire excess
• Due to a recent medical diagnosis they were no longer covered on their policy.

Doing an insurance health check every year, every trip is so important. Particularly for those relying on credit card cover.

How do you do a health check?
Give us a call. We have a great checklist for you to use when talking to your insurance provider, saving you time and checking off the important questions.

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