India – Dharashala – Mcleod Ganj – Day Walk & Views

Written on Thursday, December 8, 2022 by

Backed by the snowcapped peaks of the Himalaya, and nestled in the greenery of its foothills, jumbles of brightly coloured homes cling precariously to the hillside. Strolling from Mcleod Ganj on a beautiful loop walk through to neighboring villages, provided us with breathtaking views, beautifully coloured gardens, a plethora of friendly locals and chance to grab a chai and take in the scenery. At every turn we were greeted with the unmistakable faces of the Tibetan people. From the rosy cheeks of the young to the wise twinkling eyes of the elderly, everyone was always smiling and waving cheery greetings. With so many paths and destinations one could get lost for months in the area simply exploring and taking it all in.


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