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You’ve seen the Great Ocean Road and it’s gorgeous apostles, quaint towns and stunning scenery, but have you ever thought about walking it end to end?  What about taking a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles?  If this sounds like an interesting week away to you then read on and find out why Inspiration Outdoors’ 7 day Great Ocean Walk is one of their most popular small group walking tours. 

Who is this walk great for and why? 

This walk is great for anyone who would love to experience the Great Ocean Road region but wants to see more than just what you can catch when driving along at 80-100km an hour! Or maybe you’ve driven along the Great Ocean Road but want to see more. Trekking along the 104kms of the Great Ocean Walk allows you to experience the sights, smells and sounds of nature. As an added bonus, you’ll also get to visit the famous landmarks such as The Apostles, Cape Otway Lighthouse and more. What makes the tour even better is that you’ll only have to carry your day pack with the day’s water, personal belongings and maybe some snacks and your lunch. Join Inspiration Outdoors as a group with your partner or friends or come along as a solo traveller to walk with like-minded people who just love being in the outdoors. 

What is the greatest challenge of the walk? 

For most guests the greatest challenge is deciding to book the tour, and then turning up at the pick-up spot on the first day! It’s quite common for people to have a lot of anxiety about doing these adventures, as they worry that they are not fit enough, or that they will be the slowest walker. The trail is easy/moderate with some challenging sections however, the track is well maintained and has good infrastructure which makes the trail doable for anyone with reasonable fitness. The ‘hard’ sections are achievable with some training and there are exercises and training techniques which helps make the experience more enjoyable. Often at times, a positive mental attitude is most important and being able to focus and enjoy the conversation with the people around you; or focusing on the view; listening to the sounds of nature instead of the kilometres, you will find that you’ll reach your destination before you know it. 

What is the greatest surprise? 

Aside from the gorgeous views with walks through forests, coastal heathlands and rocky shores; aside from great company, delicious food, hot showers; comfortable lodging at the end of the day; aside from your camera album being full of memories and sending countless photos to friends and family back home; aside from all these things, we often hear that the greatest surprise is how quickly your fitness increases after just a couple of days of walking. If you haven’t done this sort of thing before, you will definitely surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing. When a journey of 104km is laid out in front of you, it is easy to forget that each step is easy. 

Am I fit enough for this trip? 

Even if you currently do not walk or train daily, your walking fitness will quickly improve and Inspiration Outdoors can provide you with exercises and training tips so that you’ll be in good shape to embark on this walking adventure. Inspiration Outdoors design all of their walking tours to be achievable for those with a moderate level of fitness. While on tour, you can always have a day or sometimes an afternoon off to relax if you feel like it.  

haven’t been on a multi-day walk before, what should I expect? 

Most people who haven’t done something like this before expect that they will get more tired as the walk goes on, but the exact opposite is true. Most guests are jumping out of their skin by day 4 or 5 You can expect to sleep well, eat well, connect with nature and have plenty of great conversations with like-minded people. You can expect to return home feeling proud of yourself, ready to take on the world! 

Can I do this walk on my own?  What is the benefit of travelling with Inspiration Outdoors? 

Absolutely. Many walkers do not have a spouse or partner who is keen on walking, so they come along solo. Inspiration Outdoors tours have a maximum of 12 people, and it would be rare not to have 3 or 4 people who are travelling solo. Couples, as well as small groups of friends are found on trips, but solo travellers are welcome, and fairly common. If you are travelling solo, twin sharing with another solo traveller of the same gender is an option, or you can take a single supplement. 

The benefit of travelling with Inspiration Outdoors is that they are empathetic. This is not a school camp or a forced march. It is an adventure and it is an escape, but with just the right amount of comfort. With 20 years experience, they know how to strike the right balance. 

How can I prepare for this tour? 

It is easier than you think. If you are an active person i.e. walk the dogs regularly not run marathons, then you won’t need to do much more to prepare other than ensure your footwear is good, and that you have a bit of extra cardio fitness for the hills. 

If you are an inactive person, then you probably need to allow 3-4 months of regular preparation. 

The key to any preparation is to walk, but not on flat footpaths. Mix it up a bit. Get onto sand, walk up stairs, find some bush paths. Maybe even dust off the old tennis racket. If you love what you are doing and you are working towards a goal, you will be surprised at how easy it is to prepare. 


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