Glacier Grey in Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile

Written on Sunday, August 27, 2017 by glacier grey

On the approach to Glacier Grey we skirted the tranquil Lago Grey, dipping through spectacular rocky outcrops and resilient pines. The milky turquoise tinge to the water suggested that somewhere up ahead was something spectacular. Our first indication of the glaciers presence was seeing chunks of ice floating by the shore of the lake in the distance. As we got closer we realised that some of these almighty chunks were as big as houses! Each one a unique shape, magnificently blue and with their features and indents illuminated by the hazy light of the sun.

Glacier Grey was spectacular, the mind boggles at the sheer size and power displayed as it shapes the very landscape around it. Floating around the mouth of the glacier were many more enormous ice chunks that drifted past silently on the whim of the current and breeze. The stark contrast of the towering, jagged white wall of the glacier to the harsh and dark granite rock made for some amazing photo opportunities.



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