From Mozart to Rollercoasters, Vienna has it all!

Written on Friday, December 16, 2022 by

When we arrived in Vienna we enjoyed a coach tour of Ringstrasse to get our barings, past the stunning buildings including the Opera House, Palace Ausberg & the Museum of Natural History and the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, widely considered home to one of the most important collections of European art in the world.

Vienna is such a beautiful city, it’s home to several Grand and Important Buildings, the home of art and music where locals show a lot of pride in their immaculate city.

There are several gardens around the city, each perfectly maintained, green, lush and a peaceful place to relax in the summer sunshine. Burggarten is home to the Statue of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, where a large display of red flowers are planted in the symbol of a treble clef in tribute to the incredible musician.

We were treated to an incredible show at Palace Ausberg, in an intimate room which felt as new as the day it was built. The opulent room matched the performance we saw, with an orchestra playing Mozart and Strauss, plus singers and dancers to accompany the breathtaking music. I almost felt like I’d gone back in time sitting inside the palace watching performers of such incredible quality.

Another fun attraction in Vienna is Prater Theme park, located just outside of the city. The theme park is home to a huge Ferris wheel which has views of the entire city. There are rides and entertainment there for any age group, and it was a nice contrast of fun and adventure in such a classy city.


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