Fez – Join The Circus

Written on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 by Fez - Join The Circus

Awoken by the call to prayer of the several mosques as though in some type of competition, reminded me I was somewhere in a far away land. Exotic, mysterious, Fez Morocco.

Leaving the comfort of the beautiful peaceful surrounds of the Riad it was time to explore the chaos of the old city. My friendly guide eagerly waited to excite and surprise and overwhelm me. Our first stop was the ‘new’ part of the Old City which is over 500 years old, once the home to the Jewish population. Long gone.

We walked through the foreboding gates of the 1000 year old city to the largest medina in the world, where the guide safely navigated me through the vast markets of wood, metals, clothes and carpets; all a feast on the ears and eyes. Then we were off to the tannery with its overpowering smell, then onto the food markets where all senses were tested together in some type of explosive frenzy.

The guide was such a savior ensuring I didn’t lose the way and didn’t become a target of the many vendors with all their charm. I spent hours in these markets and with the guide explaining the various quarters and the people working and living there, where they pray and where they learn, the chaos became understandable and enjoyable.

The oasis of the Riad was a lovely contrast to the theatre outside, and reflecting with a cold beer and some Moroccan snacks  I sighed with amazement and thought ‘I want to see more’.

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