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Written on Monday, December 12, 2022 by

After a lot of research of different tour companies, making sure they were family friendly and went where we wanted to go, we decided on a CostSaver Tour – England & Scotland Heritage – 7 night/8 day tour from London, up to Scotland and back down to London.

Being our children’s first overseas holiday, this tour was within our budget and visited the areas around the UK that we thought the kids would find interesting and memorable.

Our tour guide Charlotte was knowledgeable and funny and made the tour a pleasurable experience for everyone.

Driving between places wasn’t too long, I think the longest may have been about 2 hours. There were plenty of toilet & coffee breaks along the way.

Although not all our hotels were in the center of town, most were within walking distance and those that weren’t, the coach drove us to the sights.

As a family of 5, we needed 2 rooms and as much as Charlotte tried putting us as close together as possible, they weren’t always near each other or even on the same floor. This wasn’t a problem because it gave us more of a chance to explore the hotels.

Breakfast was provided every morning and we had a few dinners included. Lunch was usually at one of the places we were visiting, and we had enough time to buy lunch, eat and still look around.

We visited many picturesque historical cities and learned about the long history of England & Scotland along the way.


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