Brazil – Exploring Bonito & Pantanal

Written on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 by

The vast and endless Brazilian Pantanal was seemingly empty at first glance. If you know where to look however, you’ll find a habitat teeming with wildlife and these guys certainly knew where to look. Rafael, Thiago and Thiago’s impetuous 10 year old son were my guides for our wetlands trip, who explained the finer points of anaconda hunting to me. Whilst wading around in knee deep swamps, one must use a stick to survey the area directly in front of ones feet. If the stick hits something hard its most likely a caiman. If the stick hits something soft, its probably an anaconda. Tough as nails doesn’t even cover it! I’m glad I was watching from the sidelines!

This comparatively small specimen of anaconda was feisty but beautiful and it was enchanting to experience the boys’ knowledge and passion. Among the other snakes, capybara, turtles, pink dolphins and caiman, the Pantanal plays host to an astonishing array of bird life. It seems every other movement sends flocks of electric Scarlet Ibis flapping against the pastel blue backdrop. My smile might be 90% nerves but my time in the Pantanal was hugely enjoyable, I might just go back to catch a bigger one!


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