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Do you need a break to re-charge?   

Time away from mobile phones, work and busy lives?  Maybe a week at the Elysia Wellness Retreat is just what you need. 

Visions of bootcamp, kale and detox tea may not appeal but how does relaxing yoga, nutritious freshly prepared meals, tai chi on the hillside and a full body massage sound? At Elysia Wellness Retreat in the heart of the Hunter Valley, NSW, you can ease yourself into goodness and have the choice to do what YOU want.   

What does a day at the Elysia Wellness Retreat look like? 

To start the daybreathe in the fresh country air at a 6.30am session of gentle Tai Chi on Meditation Hill overlooking the vineyards and mountains, followed by a walk or deep water running in the pool.  A healthy breakfast to fuel the body for the daily program of activities such as Pilates, Zumba, interval training, tennis, a variety of health and wellness seminars and an extensive menu of spa treatments at the Day Spa.   

You can choose what activity you would like to partake in during the day and if you are worried about your fitness level compared to other guests there is no need as both high or low intensity exercise classes cater for everyone.  Stretching and stability classes are a lovely way to wind down after a more intensive exercise session.   

You can also choose from cooking demonstrations, meditation, personal development workshops, Women’s or Men’s Health, sleep workshops and many more.   

Team this with the Day Spa treatments and beautiful nutritious meals and you cannot help but feel renewed. 


Is it for me? 

I had always been a little interested in visiting a Health Retreat but, like most things, kept putting it off for another time.  Well, when I did take the plunge and booked a 5-night package I was soon convinced it was one of the best things I did for myself.   

Not being an early riser, I was secretly dreading the early morning rise for Tai Chi however after a couple of days I found myself looking forward to it as I realised what a nice way it is to start the day (much better than hitting snooze several times as I normally do back home).   

To actually sit down and enjoy breakfast rather than grab it on the run was lovely and I discovered some new, easy ideas I could also do at home.  I loved being able to plan my day around what type of exercise I felt like doing and I was also keen to try new activities.   

This is where I learnt to meditate and to really slow down and be mindful.  Partaking in an exercise class knowing that in the afternoon I would be enjoying a facial treatment or massage made the class so much easier!   

And whilst I would normally struggle to eat vegetarian for a week it was so easy and tasty that I was almost converted!  Taking part in a few cooking classes enabled me to take away some new recipes and ideas to continue once back at home.   

When I did return home I actually received several comments about how clear and white my eyes were and I did feel completely re-charged and ready to tackle life again. 


Where and How? 

Elysia Wellness Retreat is located in the Hunter Valley and transfers are available from both Newcastle and Sydney.  You will stay in a 1,2 or 3 Bedroom Suite with all the amenities you would expect from a World Class retreat – and yes, surprisingly there are TV’s and Wifi in your rooms. 

There are many 2-7 night packages and retreats focusing on Optimum Wellness, Inspire Change, Health Enhancement, along with Specialty Retreats featuring local and international leaders, sports stars and authors. 


So if you think you could benefit from a break like this – whether it be a weekend or a week – just give us a call and we can take care of it all for you. 


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