Inverness – Culloden Battlefield

Written on Thursday, January 3, 2019 by Culloden Battlefield

The visit to Culloden Battlefield with my friend was a somber, harrowing, yet incredible experience that I would certainly do again and suggest to anyone that they visit.  On a sunny, yet windy afternoon in Inverness we purchased our tickets to the Culloden Battlefield Museum, which was extremely informative and gave great accounts from both English and Scottish backgrounds. The history of the events that lead to this war were presented in an interactive and detailed way, which built up and prepared you for your walk through the battlefield at the end of the exhibition. Stepping out onto the overgrown grassy moor was chilling, a sense of shock came over me as I was able to picture what occurred here in 1746.  Walking among the burial sites of the Jacobite supporters and reading some accounts of what happened on that fateful day – I felt very amazed that I was experiencing such a rich part of history that has shaped Scottish heritage. I still feel a little stunned that I got to walk amongst the infamous battleground, the eerily quiet field, stillness in the air, and the boulders with clan names etched on them (signifying mass burials) is a memory that I will keep forever.


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